About the Author

As the daughter of a teacher who built a school to fill the void in the early childhood education industry, Kimberly Wilson grew up immersed in the importance of early education. She has held a position in within her family’s Private School since 1994.

Kimberly has had an enormous amount of opportunity to be fully immersed in child development and become a strong advocate for empower parents with knowledge.  


As the Director of Innovation at Lutz Learning Center, Kimberly specializes in helping parents find creative ways to maintain balance in their relationships with their children through the art of positive behavior modification. 

For more information or to contact Kimberly, please visit KimberlyKWilson.com, e-mail:Kimberly@LutzLearning.com or follow her on Twitter @Tweet_Kimberly

She is a firm believer in the partnership necessary between school and home.